(More or Less) Recent Service: 

I will/did serve on the PC for STOC 2024, ICALP 2023, TheWebConf (WWW) 2023, FSTTCS 2022, SODA 2022, HALG 2021, and ESA 2020.

Zhiyi Huang and I are organizing the FOCS 2023 workshop on "Online Algorithms and Online Rounding: Recent Progress".

I previously co-organized the TCS+ online seminar series.

Recent Papers: 

Oct 23: SODA 2024 accepts: "Combinatorial Stationary Prophet Inequalities", with Neel Patel.

Oct 23: SOSA 2024 accepts: "Simple and Asymptotically Optimal Online Bipartite Edge Coloring", with Joakim Blikstad, Ola Svensson and Radu Vintan.

Oct 22: SODA 2023...
1. awards best paper award to:Dynamic Matching with Better-than-2 Approximation in Polylogarithmic Update Time”, with Sayan Bhattacharya, Peter Kiss and Thatchaphol Saranurak.
2. accepts:Lossless Online Rounding for Online Bipartite Matching (Despite its Impossibility)” with Niv Buchbinder and Joseph (Seffi) Naor.

May 22: EC 2022 accepts:
1. "The Stationary Prophet Inequality Problem", with Kristen Kessel, Ali Shameli and Amin Saberi.

2. "Improved Online Contention Resolution for Matchings and Applications to the Gig Economy", with Tristan Pollner, Mohammad Roghani and Amin Saberi.

Oct 21: ITCS 2022 accepts: "Beating the Folklore Algorithm for Dynamic Matching", with Mohammad Roghani and Amin Saberi.

May 21: EC 2021 accepts: "Online Stochastic Max-Weight Bipartite Matching: Beyond Prophet Inequalities", with Christos Papadimitriou, Tristan Pollner and Amin Saberi.

Apr 21: ICALP 2021 accepts:
1. "The Greedy Algorithm is not optimal for On-Line Edge Coloring", with Amin Saberi.

2. "Near-Optimal Schedules for Simultaneous Multicasts", with Bernhard Haeupler and Ellis Hershkowitz.

Feb 21: STOC 2021 accepts: "Universally-Optimal Distributed Algorithms for Known Topologies", with Bernhard Haeupler and Goran Zuzic.

Sep 20: SODA'21 accepts:
1. "Streaming Submodular Matching Meets the Primal-Dual Method", with Roie Levin.

2. "Online Algorithms for Edge Coloring via the Nibble Method", with Sayan Bhattacharya and Fabrizio Grandoni.